Soul City

Soul city is a mega venture with a non-compromising focus on innovative town planning to provide quality housing and secure sustainable investment opportunities. The planning emphasizes on establishing vibrant, safer and efficient communities through a mixture of neo-classical and modern planning and architecture. The aim is to deliver a delightful and pleasant living environment to people centered on a strong sense of community. It offers a variety of housing options to suit a diverse range of lifestyles and budgets. The core goal is to deliver convenience, aesthetics, connectivity, innovative urban design and security to people through a carefully planned development. 
We create amenities that would encourage our customers, investors, businesses and organizations to grow at an incredible pace due to timely delivery of projects. To be the market leader in setting international standards for residential commercial real estate, self-sustainable modern living and a preferred choice for customers/investors.

State Of Art

Our iconic Gate House is designed as a monument to exceptional and memorable architecture. It symbolizes strength & elegance, creating wonder at first sight with access controlled by numerous security features because at Soul City, safety and security remains paramount.

Soul Fountain

The musical Soul Fountain will be an aesthetically designed landmark. Being the largest musical fountain in Pakistan, it will serve as a form of entertainment for its residents. Synchronized to mystic and soulful music, it will feature lighting effects that will refract and reflect moving water.

Clock Tower

A monumental clock tower stands at a central location of our Master Plan. It is connected to our iconic Gate House as a visual milestone for entry and exit ways. The imperial presence of the clock tower is a symbol of modernization in community, establishing a sense of place for the residents. At night, the clock is illuminated, enhancing its importance as a vantage point and milestone. The clock tower not only creates aesthetic appeal, but will be an integral part of the Soul city identity.

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