Payment Plans

4 Years Installment Plan - Residential

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2.5 Years Installment Plan - Residential

2.5 Years Installment Plan - Commercial

(Above Rates Includes The Price Of Land Only)

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Terms & Services

1. The applicant shall get the Reservation/ Application from Customer Support Center Office by depositing Rs. 2,000/- (Two Thousand Rupees only) Non-Refundable.
2. All Residents and Overseas Pakistanis are eligible to apply for the booking of the property in Soul City Project of Marwa Developers
3. All payments are to be made according to the category/size of the plot, as per schedule of payments, through the Bank Draft/Pay Order in favor of “Marwa Developers”.
4. If the payment plan is not followed and the remaining amount not paid within the specific time, the payment will be forfeited and will be Non-Refundable.
5. The size and the location of the plot is tentative and subject to adjustment after demarcation/measurement of the plot at the time of handing over possession.
6. Installments after due date from the applicant/allottee will only be accepted with surcharge at the rates of 1.5% per month (which will be taken as 0.05% daily)
7. If the allottee fails to pay 2 consecutive installments within the prescribed period. The allotment shall be liable to be cancelled.
8. In case of extra land in any plot, extra land shall be charged in addition to the total amount.
9. For each preferential location, i.e. Corner, Park Facing and Main Boulevard, applicants shall pay 10% premium each at the time of balloting.
10. One application form can only be used for booking of one plot only.
11. Plot allotted to an applicant shall not be used for any purpose other than applied or meant for.
12. No applicant shall be paid by management any interest/mark up against the amount paid by him.
13. All registrations/mutation charges shall be borne by the allottee along with any other government taxes in vogue.
14. No construction can be done without the approval of the Design Wing/Building Control Branch of Marwa Developers
15. The Management Committee of the Marwa Developers reserves the right to allot/sell a plot surrendered by an allottee or cancelled from the name of the allottee due to non-payment of dues to any other applicant or person and the ex-allottee shall have no right to such plot. The decision of the Management Committee shall not be challenged before any forum.
16. Price of the plot excludes possession charges, utilities, infrastructure /development and other charges. These charges shall apply as per policy of Marwa Developers
17. After taking over the possession of the plot, in case the allottee wants to secure a loan from a registered loan giving agency/financial institution for construction of house, he/she must obtain NOC from the management of Soul City by Marwa Developers before mortgaging the plot with that agency
18. In case the possession is not taken by the applicant within the specified time then management, service and maintenance charges will be implemented. If the possession of the plot is not taken within 6 months of announcement of possession, allotment of plot shall be cancelled and re-located to undeveloped area.
19. Transfer of the plot allotted to an applicant shall be allowed after receipt of full payment/charges.
20. In case of transfer of plot and house, the first allottee shall be bound to clear all committed dues till that time with Soul City by Marwa Developers, before the transfer.
21. In case of any dispute between the allottee and Soul city, dispute will be referred to Arbitration Management Committee of the Marwa Developers, whose decision shall be final and binding on the parties.
22. Every applicant will abide by these Terms & Conditions in addition to the bylaws, rules, and regulations governing allotment, possession ownership, construction and transfer of plots, enforced from time to time by Marwa Developers and any other Authority/Department competent to do so.

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